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Ugh! The very thought of taking the long drive from Los Angeles to the Phoenix area put a damper on the excitement of moving forward with Virtuous Apparel. For those of you who have never made that trek, you may not understand the dismay…but for those who have, I trust you will empathize with the very thought.

We established Virtuous Apparel as an Arizona based company when we were living there several years ago, and though it isn’t necessarily practical to keep it as such, it certainly is more cost effective for the long term. So we packed up the cooler and the car and took off early in the morning with the plan of meeting some old friends for dinner. We had a lovely time! The next morning we met with Sherri Barry from the Arizona Fashion Source in Tempe. We discussed the current and future products for VA and how we were going to accomplish everything for test marketing our first shirt. Sherri was extremely knowledgeable and patient with us regarding details and the “next steps” in the process. She gave us a tour of the facility, explaining each area and highlighting their areas of expertise. The photo above is a picture of Sherri and Tracy discussing the pattern cutting process with a machine called the Brute, which is a straight-knife cutting machine.

Virtuous Apparel will be producing our test market pieces soon and looks forward to gathering feedback to perfect our initial piece before final production. So exciting! I look forward to updating you as soon as possible!

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God Bless!


”So don't be impatient for the Lord to act; keep moving forward steadily in His ways, and He will exalt you at the right time. And when He does, you will posses every promise, including your full inheritance.”

Psalm 37:34 (TPT)


In the Beginning

A woman comes home from a long day at work and steps into her home. She slips off her shoes and heads to the bedroom to get rid of her bra. “Hi Mom!” shouts her son… thus creating a change in the plans. Perhaps some women would be less concerned with removing their bra in their son’s presence but he is high school age and she does not want to embarrass him…after all… Mom braless? Yikes!

Thus was the scenario that birthed the idea for Virtuous Apparel. I had spent years wearing a nubby vest over my clothing when I wasn’t wearing my bra… which was not very practical during a hot, humid summer; but it provided the camouflage I desired and the ability to be without my bra. I realize ... READ MORE

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Virtuous Apparel

Virtuous Apparel was birthed out of a desire for comfortable apparel that could be worn without a bra. It is the “conservative alternative” to traditional tops that affords a woman the unique opportunity to be braless with discretion, whether alone at home or in the midst of others.

This idea may appeal to conservative women and those mature in age; however, we do believe it will become a “go to” piece for women from all walks of life.

The design is such that it will provide a little support while... READ MORE!

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