About Virtuous Apparel

Virtuous Apparel, LLC was birthed out of a desire for comfortable apparel that could be worn without a bra. It is the “conservative alternative” to traditional tops that affords a woman the unique opportunity to be braless with discretion, whether alone at home or in the midst of others.

Over the years we have spoken to women regarding this concept and everyone has said, “when can I get one?” It directly addresses the concern women have who long to remove their bra, even in the comfort of their home but do not ... for a variety of reasons.

Initially, this idea may appeal to conservative women and those mature in age; however, we do believe it will become a “go to” piece for women from all walks of life. The design of Virtuous Apparel is such that it provides a little support while also camouflaging the breast area ... I can make coffee in front of guests, walk the dog, or go shopping.

After many years of trial and error, we have finally developed Virtuous Apparel to the point of presentation. Our initial piece is a simple top with short sleeves; however, in the future we will create a variety of sleeve options. VA’s vision is to also develop a dress in two lengths. All of our apparel will have the option of either a straight or hankerchief hem.

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The next step for Virtuous Apparel is to test market our product. We are hosting a Crowdfunding Campaign in order to to meet our goals. The raised funds will be used to assist us in perfecting Virtuous Apparel Products before moving forward with production. If you desire to make a pledge to our campaign, please click the button below.


"She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear
of the future."

Proverbs 31:25 (NLT)